Faith, Hope, and Love

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lots of stuff going on!

Well, I have left this blog hanging for a much has been going on since the last time I wrote. Sophia had gotten an ear infection that just wouldn't go away and then Peter and I both got sick. I was so sick I couldn't even sit here to update this blog! How sad! Yesterday I went back to the doctor again and he decided I needed to be out of work today and tomorrow. So, I used today to just REST! Amazing, huh? Well, I have rested most of the day and now it is time to update this blog. My scrapping is going crazy! I am on a bunch of CT's now and there are days that I can not even count how many I am on! But, it is making my scrapping get so much better, so I am thankful for all the great opportunities!


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